Loan Periods & Fines


Collection Description Circulation Policy Fine Rate
Audiobooks Audiobooks available on CD, MP3 and some available on cassette. Travellers, homemakers, equipment operators and seamstresses have all enjoyed using them. Try them out! 3 weeks 10¢ per day- maximum $5.00 per item
Books Over 71,000 books for readers of all ages & interests. 3 weeks 10¢ per day – maximum $5.00 per item5¢ per day – maximum $5.00 per item for children’s books.
Magazines 100 magazine subscriptions with limited back issues. Click here for a list of our magazines. Current issue: In-Library Use Only
Back issues: 3 weeks
10¢ per day – maximum $5.00 per item
Newspapers Alaska Highway News, Edmonton Journal, Vancouver Sun In-Library Use Only
Vertical File Contains newspaper and magazine articles as well as pamphlets on issues of current interest. In-Library Use Only
DVD/Video We have hundreds of movies and television series available in this “Cultural-Educational” collection. 3 week $2.00 per day – maximum $5.00 per item